Dual Ionization System in Response to COVID 19

Austin Terrier has installed two Global Plasma System Dual Ionization units to combat the spread of the COVID 19 Virus. Some important information regarding the Dual Ionization system is below:

  • Dual Ionization systems are installed in our HVAC systems and generate positive (+) and negative (-) ions

  • We continuously run the fans on our HVACs during business hours so these ions are constantly being pumped throughout the restaurant

  • Ions bond with dust, odors, and most importantly pathogens; including bacteria and viruses

  • Ions bond with the exterior protein of pathogens, rendering them inactive (unable to consume energy or replicate)

  • Global Plasma System Dual Ionization units have been independently lab tested and proven to render the COVID 19 virus inactive when ions come into contact with the virus