GPS NPBI technology helps clean indoor air. This patented technology produces a high concentration of positive and negative ions, actively delivering them to the entire space via the ventilation system.

GPS NPBI has been lab-tested to neutralize SARS COVID, including the Delta variant. View lab results here.


We offer curbside pickup for to-go orders following strict safety procedures.  Socially distanced indoor, patio, and beer garden dining.  Dual Ionization system to combat COVID-19.

Delivery and pick up orders through


This locally owned small business appreciates your continued support.

Curbside Pickup

EASY AS 1,2,3

1) Call (512) 369-3751

or place Order Online

2) Place order and pay online or order and provide credit card details over phone

3) Arrive and pick up at bar, or wait at designated curbside pickup spot and call us. We will run your order out to you

Indoor & Patio Dining

Patio now open for in house dining.

- Dual Ionization System pumps  positive and negative ions through HVAC to render COVID 19 Virus Inactive on contact

- Routine sanitization of tables, chairs, common touch surfaces, and bathrooms

Family Meals


Family of 3-4    $39

Any 3 Specialty Pizzas & 2 large Salads

Family of 5-6    $55

Any 4 Specialty Pizzas & 3 large Salads